Who invented Knucklestrutz

The were invented by Jim Bagley.  They are manufactured by Incredibly Interconnectible Toy, LLC which was also founded by Jim.

How Many Days will it Will Take to Deliver My Item?

This will will be different for each purchase you make depending on where you are having it shipped and the shipping that you selected at checkout.

Can I Pay My Bill Through Paypal?

Yes, we use more then one merchant account and paypal is one of our first choices as well.

Why My Credit Card is Rejected Again and Again?

This is usually between you and the institution that provided it to you so i would suggest call them and find out why. Sorry we could not be much more help.

How to Use Coupons for a Discount Offer?

When you start the checkout process it will ask you if you have a code for the coupon. Enter it and if it is a good coupon code it will make the appropriate changes to your cart checkout total when it is calculated.

How to Order On Our Shop?

Simply Add the product to your cart and then when you have finished shopping and adding them simply go to your cart and kit checkout. Follow the steps as you see them. That simple.