Building Toy

Building Toy

At one time, kids spent hours entertaining themselves by using their imagination and a building toy. A building toy consisting of plastic bricks or wooden logs allowed children to become the masters of their own miniaturized world in which they created any number of structures. Sadly, the advancements in electronic technology now have children spending this time on video games or other electronic gadgets. Many toys nowadays just do not capture a child’s interest. However, the unique design and possibilities offered by Knuckle Strutz offer an innovative alternative.

Knuckle Strutz Basics

Knuckle Strutz is one of the latest uniquely designed toys on the market that encourages imaginative play. Each building toy set comes with an array of brightly colored, durable plastic pieces shaped in finger-like fashion. Every piece has one to four rounded balls or knuckle features that combine with and end claw to create connections and movable joints. The play sets also have gears and wheels to mobilize structures.

The ingenious design of every geometrically shaped piece in the building toy means that kids may devise an endless selection of objects and structures. The variety of possible connections and configurations also means that 2D or 3D creations have the ability to change shape by morphing or transforming once completed. Instead of being hypnotized by video games for hours on end, Knuckle Strutz gives youngsters the chance to enhance their fine motor skills, develop problem solving techniques and learn the basics of construction engineering.

Educational Possibilities

The building toy is manufactured in a variety of sets that range from 40 to 710 pieces. Smaller sets are centered around a basic theme and come with enough components to recreate items based on that series of objects. Each set also has an instruction booklet developed by instructors that walks children through the process of building each item. After learning how to create the basic connections, young engineers may fabricate an endless selection of customized projects, especially when equipped with one of the larger sets.

Designed and manufactured for children aged six and up, Knuckle Strutz provides kids with the opportunity to explore the world of applied science in a wonderfully fascinating way. The toy also might serve as a means of learning the process and rewards of cooperation and team work, as children play together to complete a project. Each successful build also gives children a sense of pride and satisfaction. In addition, while enmeshed in a building project, parents and youngsters of all ages spend quality time together.

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