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Simply amazing what kids can do with Kadu

One Simple Shape

There may only be one shape but, in the words of a seven-year-old, you “can build anything, really.” Then, easily pull them apart and start again.

Easy To Build With

Anyone that can resist popping them into their mouths can build something fun with Kadu. Little builders and advanced creators alike can jump right in and make masterpieces in moments.

An Anywhere Toy

Kids are always on the go and always wanting something fun to do wherever they are. Just pop Kadu back in their reusable container and they are ready to go, too. Small and quiet, they are great for taking on the road, to restaurants, or to fill those “forever long” waiting room times.

Learning Comes With Play

They won’t know it at the time, but you’ll be smiling as you see them learn and develop while playing with Kadu.

It might start with color-recognition and pattern-making, while at the same time building hand-eye coordination. Or, see the mental connections forming as a determined mind tries new ways of keeping their building from collapsing.

"I like KADU because you can build big or small, can build anything really!"

-Alice. 7 Years Old

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