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Don't Just Stack

Not just your ordinary building toy — build up, build down, to the right, to the left, or even upside down, there is no limit to how many ways a Knucklestrut can be connected.

Axle Joint

Elbow Joint

Straight Joint


Morph Your Creations

Whether you need to add a rotating set of blades to your totally awesome helicopter or rigid connections at the perfect angle to build a bridge to carry the troops from one battlefield to the other, Knucklestrutz’ flexible building system allows for unlimited possibilities so the story (or fun, creativity, etc) never has to stop.

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A Toy That Grows With You

KnuckleStrutz “grows up” with you. Younger builders piece together snakes and chains, creating colorful patterns or funky robots that perform all kinds of surprising tasks. More advanced building really dives into the toys’ potential, making anything from wing-beating to life-like representations of their favorite vehicles to race their friends

Learn Through Play

Many kids don’t want another “Educational Toy,” but with Knucklestrutz they will get a toy they don’t want to stop playing with AND they will be developing (among other things) critical thinking skills as they use the iterative scientific method of trial and error to create from their understanding of the world around them.

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What Are People Saying About Knucklestrutz?

“They have been playing outside with them for hours”

Utah Parent

“They are just fantastic, the kids can be so creative with them”

Jake, Parent

Dont Forget Adventure