Our KnuckleStrutz Toy Line

The KnuckleStrutz toy line is focused on kids education. Knucklestrutz are manufactured by Incredibly Interconnectible Toy and produces educational type toys which help to expand a child’s imagination and expand their mind. Mind expansion is so critical to the development of any child. These educational type toys are used by children all over the world and even in preschool / home schooling to give kids that extra little bit before they start.

Incredibly Interconnectible Toy specializes in building and constructing toy sets and try to make them affordable by all by keeping affordable prices. One of The Knuckle Strutz beginning builder kits was a 128 piece set. This item was so popular it was literally sold out within the first 45 days. The toys produced use applied science methods through use of 3-D visualization. This item has been replaced by the newer sets we have available today.

KnuckleStrutz produces several kits that will help keep a child focused and enables them to learn new things at the same time. The Geometry Kit is for ages 6 and up. This unique kit comes with 514 pieces and it builds complex models. In addition, the Geometry kit also contains detailed instructions for a Hyper Bike Motorcycle.

The Knuckz Deluxe Set comes with 397 pieces and builds up to 8 distinct models. In addition, the Knuckz Deluxe Set comes with 22 gears and 10 wheel tires. It is possible to build Engine 29, Dune Racer and Lunap Lander with this deluxe kit. The KnuckleStrutz components may easily be fitted to rotate or pivot to make your building easier.

The Racerz Set comes complete with 139 pieces with 4 normal gears as well as tires. The Racerz Set will keep a child occupied for many hours. It is possible with this kit to build speedster, The dart as well as street racer. The Racerz Set will keep children occupied for several hours and is very educational.

Incredibly Interconnectible Toy manufactures toys which are focused on education and mind expansion. Incredibly Interconnectible Toy lines are KnuckeStrutz with 3 more about to be released so keep an eyeo out for them. A child can actually have a great deal of fun while learning at the same time.

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