Create With the Power of the Octagon!

Ocho Logo connecting play with imagination

Ocho toys connect play with imagination. Simple and unique interactive pieces allow kids to explore and build for hours of fun! Combine parts in multiple ways for unlimited models.

Ocho provides an exciting and wonderful combination of creativity, compatibility, interactivity and engineering. The easy to use, multi-connect joints give even the youngest learners the opportunity to build.

Ocho Toy Space Shuttle

Easily Mastered Peices for Fun Free-Play Building

The unique multi-connect pieces are quickly mastered, giving children of all ages the freedom of unlimited creativity. With Ocho, kids can easily start building whatever they can imagine in free-play without the need for instructions.

building toy connection

Easily Stackable

Slide-Through Connection

Sliding Connections

Cris-crossing pieces

Criss-Cross Links

8 different angles

Change Angles

Amazing Building Play Sets Coming Soon!

Ocho building play sets are coming, from sizes small to Jumbo! Each play set will include instructions to build amazing models. Some sets come with wheels to easily make vehicles like the speedy drag racer. All sets encourage creativity and help to develop critical skills through play.