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Off-Roadz Set


Suggested for Ages 6+

  • 201 pieces
  • Includes 12 gears and tires
  • Trekz 4×4, Dirt Bike and trailer can all be built at same time

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12 Tires & Gears One Toy is Not Enough! Don’t Just Stack
Don’t get Stuck! Double the wheels for double the traction. Included are 12 gears and tires that spin freely. Of course just a 4x4 is not enough for a proper adventure. Build a bike and a trailer to take with you. Who knows when you might need it? Connect in any direction with KnuckleStrutz’ unique connection style. Pieces connect forming various joints so that there is no limit for your creativity.
Free-Play 3 in 1 Educational
Free-play allows kids to learn and experiment on their own and it is so important to their development. KnuckleStrutz gives them the freedom to be curious and act on their ideas. You will be amazed at what they will create. We have created instructions to help you build 3 amazing models step-by-step. But don't stop there! Take them apart and build again with unlimited possibilities! Children develop critical skills as they translate their ideas into reality, experiencing the scientific method of trial, error, and iteration that is used by scientists, designers, and engineers to create and shape the world around us.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 3 in