Shopping Security

When you sign up to KnuckleStrutz at for a membership or online purchases, all personal data entry has been secured to the best level of security available. KnuckleStrutz at has been trusted to deploy SSL “Secure Socket Layers”, enabling visitors to verify the site’s authenticity and to communicate with it securely via a high level of SSL encryption, which protects data such as user’s name, password, credit card, addresses and shipping information from interception and hacking.

Should your browser not support SSL, or if you wish to provide your payment information off-line, you can do so by calling us and making your purchase over the phone.

Browser Requirements

Supported Browsers:

-Internet Explorer: IE7, IE8, IE9
-Firefox: FF3.6, FF5.0 and current version
-Google Chrome: current version
-Safari: Current version on Mac OS (Safari is not fully supported on Windows)

Supported Operating Systems:

-Windows 7
-Windows XP

System Requirements:

-JavaScript enabled
-Cookies accepted
-Flash is not required but strongly recommended for optimal site performance

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