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The most versatile magnetic building toy!

Children of all ages will have hours of fun as they playfully develop critical brain skills like geometry and creativity. Pick up the safest magnetic building toy that you won’t be able to put down. Since there are over a dozen colors in several different shapes, everyone will enjoy collecting them all!

Magnetic Force

ZAZ building blocks expand your mind with the creativityof interlocking action. Feel the magnetic force and hear the click as the ZAZ faces interlock, ratchet, and rotate into place!

The magnets in ZAZ are encased within the building blocks and completely safe. Each of the various cubes, pyramids, prisms and other shapes all connect together with a “Click!”

magnetic building block cubes

ratcheting magnetic toy faces

Interlocking Action

The ratcheting faces of ZAZ turn to different angles and interlock with a ‘CLICK!’ Each piece always connects to the next from any direction without negative polarity resistance. The Ratcheting interaction between ZAZ pieces is a kinetic experience which will make you never want to put ZAZ down.

magnetic toy Ratcheting Angles

Expand Your Mind

with the creativity of ZAZ building blocks!