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Knucklestrutz Fire Truck and Motorcycle cunstruction models

KnuckleStrutz® is the latest and most innovative building toy on the market! The fun and sophistication of KnuckleStrutz goes way beyond traditional block toys. Each KnuckleStrutz piece can be connected to the next in a huge variety of ways, making both solid and movable, morphing joints! The unique design of the pieces allow completed KnuckleStrutz creations to move, collapse, and expand, all while still connected!

KnuckleStrutz also “grows up” with the individual. It can be enjoyed both as a basic toy, or more advanced play set as knowledge and imagination expand.

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Ocho is the perfect construction set for young builders! The Ocho Connections are quickly mastered, letting children easily build whatever they can imagine during free-play, without the need of instructions. Ocho building sets do however come with instructions to build amazing models that children of all ages will enjoy!

It’s easy to learn how to build with Ocho pieces and connections, making the toy a great success with children ages 3 and up. The pieces easily stack or cris-cross, or even slide through each other. They can be connected in 8 different angles, and the beauty of Ocho comes from its octagonal geometry.

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ZAZ is the latest magnetic building play set on the market, but it comes with a twist! Each magnetic face on a ZAZ shape (cube, pyramid, prism, or other) Interlocks with the next piece in a ratcheting “CLICK!” Each connected piece can be ratched to a different interlocking angle, and they always connect to the next piece from any direction, without negative polarity resistance.

Children of all ages will have hours of fun as they playfully develop critical brain skills like geometry and creativity. Pick up the safest magnetic building toy that you won’t be able to put down!

Building Toy Sets

Creative Construction Toys

One of the most popular categories of toys that many parents turn to for their children are those that spark and interest in Constructing Creativity with Toys. Kids are often intrigued by these kinds because of the possibility of making things with their own little hands.

Watch a child's eyes as they beam with excitement from showing their mom or dad what they have made. The parents' expressions are equally remarkable as they discover the creativity level of their child. From the very earliest stages of life, kids are taken with building something out of something else.