About Us

When a child plays, they immerse in a world of their own creation. They fill that world with details and rules, piecing together how things work and are connected. They tell themselves stories that become part of how they see and interact with the world. Our company builds the tools that unleash that creativity: toys that inspire curiosity, growth, and joy.

Twenty years ago, our founder Jim Bagley noticed the limited nature of stackable toys on the market, and the restrictions their design placed on how these toys could be enjoyed. He set out to design dynamic building toys that could combine to create something as small as a hand-held motorcycle or as large as a child-sized tower.

Today we are still making toys that enable kids to tell the stories that other toys do not. Our products can benefit children of any age—helping them develop hand-eye coordination and color-recognition, or more advanced skills like conceptualizing geometry and engineering principles. Most importantly, our toys invite children to lose themselves in play and create memories that will last.