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Perfect for Ages 6+

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  • ​Package transforms into a backdrop

  • ​Unlimited building fun

  • ​Build + Tell story after story

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Be Blown Away As Your Child Supercharges Their Mind With Imaginative Play...

Give them a reason to set aside the screen and immerse themselves in their own stories, “live” their perfect day, “explore” a new world, or “design” the perfect solution to save the world!

Bring out your child's imagination

Easy to Build With -With only one shape KADU is quick and easy to learn. Little builders and advanced creators alike can jump right in and make masterpieces in moments!

Learning through Open Ended Play

A New Dimension to Storytelling -KADU is the perfect toy to bring a child's story to life! Missing a character, background, or prop? Build it in minutes and return to the immersion of story.

Hours of Creative Fun

Ready for a Surprise? -When was the last time your child played for hours without even asking to watch tv or play on the tablet? That is the kind of feedback that we are getting from parents about KADU!

Simple but Challenging -Even though there is just the one shape that doesn't mean KADU can't offer just the right amount of challenge to keep kid's interested and coming back over and over. As they play, they discover new ways to connect the pieces and build in new ways.

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What are others saying about KADU?

"We Loved this product! Size was good for my 3 and 6 year olds. Nice easy quiet activity. We liked the different colors. They are easy to build with and take apart. Great to help motor skills, sorting, and color recognition."


"I like KADU because you can build big or small, can build anything really!"

Alice - 7 year old

"My 3 girls love them and play with them everyday!"