Join us for a World of Adventure!

Two friends find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime that will take them from one end of the globe to the other. To return home they will have to gather all 6 crystals hidden far and wide.

Meet the Crew

The Adventurers

The two bored friends wondering what they will do with themselves ALL summer long?

The Trusty Companion

We have yet to come across the companion who might just save the day....

The Wizard

A mysterious individual of dubious power appears to the kids and illuminates the goal behind their upcoming journey.

Where to Watch

For the best view we suggest subscribing to our Youtube channel, but you can also follow us and the story on our other social media accounts.


KADU has always been a great toy/tool for storytelling. We love making little scenes and characters with KADU. The Chronicles were simply a fun way to bring those to life.

One Simple Shape

Anyone that can resist popping them into their mouths can build something fun with Kadu. Little builders and advanced creators alike can jump right in and make masterpieces in moments.

Learning Comes With Play

They won’t know it at the time, but you’ll be smiling as you see them learn and develop while playing with Kadu.It might start with color-recognition and pattern-making, while at the same time building hand-eye coordination. Or, see the mental connections forming as a determined mind tries new ways of keeping their building from collapsing.

An Anywhere Toy

Kids are always on the go and always wanting something fun to do wherever they are. Just pop Kadu back in their reusable container and they are ready to go, too. Small and quiet, they are great for taking on the road, to restaurants, or to fill those “forever long” waiting room times.


A few of our favorite builds from this month.

Castle Dragor

The adventurers are led to an imposing castle. Inside the pair find new tests of their cunning and skills.


The unwitting adventurers find a deflated airship in the forest which takes off suddenly starting the trip.

KADU Coloring Sheet

Try out your ideas on paper first and then build it with KADU!

Download Sheet